Sometimes the most beautiful tales come from unexpected and highly overlooked corners …

Well I’m in love … Osozaki no Himawari has recently ended airing in Japan and what a little lovely, underrated, charming drama this is. Lots of beautiful landscape shots and very good cast and characters.

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Set after MARKED, BELONGING and HOMECOMING, Eun-Soo uses the Daejang’s favourite way of attack to get what she wants WARNING NC17!!

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Set after MARKED and BELONGING 🙂

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I seem to make it a trademark with Faith fan fics to have one word titles LOL

This little fic takes place directly after MARKED – General rating. Choi Young and Eun-Soo return to the palace.

‘you have a lot to discuss’ – a Goryeo euphemism for making out?

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Set directly after the ending of episode 24. Slightly M (for mature – not too graphic :P)

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Smoked too many cigarettes today, cried too many times so I’m exhausted. Written after I have re-watched the last ep RAW. After the live streaming, my mind was too jumbled, too exhausted to form any coherent thoughts, but now I’m calmer, more collected. Something I couldn’t forget though was Choi Young’s voice over while Eun Soo went back through the gate. So I wrote the following.

Beware vignette contains spoilers for the last minutes of EP24 of Faith

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Wrote this for today’s word prompt of NaNoWriMo


She asked me to forget about her. She made me promise to forget about her, that I should live well when she is gone. But how can I do this when every day, every hour, every breath is still filled with memories of her?

When I walk through the palace halls, I can hear her voice in the distance.

When I come across our pagoda in the RoyalGardens, I can see her standing inside waiting for me.

How can I live well when I know that we are not only divided by distance but also by time and space as well?

I remember that she once asked me if I cannot go with her. I did not answer her although I wanted to answer her in the affirmative. I wanted to shout, yes, I want to go with you. I want to see your world, your Heavens again. But I remained silent. I knew the King needed me. The nation needed me. That the king counted on me to keep his enemies at bay. What I didn’t count on was the fact that I needed you more. That every memory of you makes me both miserable and happy at the same time.

Imja are you there? Can you – by some heavenly intervention – hear my words?

No, of course not. I’m just a memory to you, just as you are a memory to me. When you think of me, in your place, I will already be long gone. Just a memory in the annals of history. A memory inside your heart.




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